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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ghosties and a Witch Oh My...

A trick,
A treat,
A haunt,
A sweet,
Once there were three,
Mr. Boo went to Kristen B.,
Baby Boo went soft,
and now only Miss Boo remains in the loft...
so hurry...
If you would like to purchase Miss Boo, just e-mail me
( she is $10.00, plus $2.00 s&h. Thanks!
(The middle one went to the amazingly talented and kind-hearted Kristen Beason, Kris, I hope you are having a great day!)

I have a new witch available on EBAY right now! Her name is Ethel and you have to see her to believe her. So head on over to EBAY to see her now! Early bids are always appreciated! Thanks for looking!

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