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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Guess who is
Spooky Time Jingles
Guest Artist this month???
Give up?
It's me!!
I am so excited to be
stopping by
for a visit this
Check out all the new works at
Spooky Time Jingles!
(Check out details on how to purchase the pieces above on
the guest artists page).
The angel above can be found on the pages of
FOLK Magazine, and Celebrate 365: A Journal for the Ornament Enthusiast
Winter 2011 edition!


  1. Robert, when I saw the santa on a snowball, my jaw dropped! How wonderful, all your pieces have such great imagination behind them. Glad to see you on STJ too. Merry Christmas, Tammy

  2. Thanks Tammy. Santa sold today.YAY! :)